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K9 School is a revolutionary dog training startup with a state of the art training facility in New Delhi, India. We are a team of trainers, behaviour experts, dogs and executive geniuses who are here with a passion for dogs and a drive to deliver highly scientific and education based training to the dogs and the owners.

Founded by Adnan Khan, who has been learning about dog training and behaviour since the age of 10. Having never been allowed a dog for the first 20 years of his life, his interest and inclination towards training started reflecting on the dogs on the street nearby. Adnan has been professionally training since 2014 and has worked with over 300 dogs in India. He also got a certification and national partnership with Police Dog Centre, Holland in the summer of 2015 where he worked for around a month with over 200 police dogs and got the privilege to learn about training aspects like protection, detection (narcotics, explosives, landmines) including additional information like kennel management and supply of dogs to defence services.

K9 School has a state of the art training centre covering over 40,000 square feet and various services and facilities in addition to just training; like swimming, boarding, dog gym,physical conditioning and many more.

Unlike generic trainers in India, we focus on training the dog owner on how to understand their dog’s behaviour and train their pet themselves. This helps in achieving a lasting bond between the canine and its loving family.

We have been pioneers in our segment over the last couple of years by introducing various services that were first of its kind to North of India and at times in India itself. We are the first training company to introduce group classes to the country that have given us marvellous feedback and we are glad to be crossing 10 batches already.

About our service

Keeping your canine’s mental well being in mind, we have designed a number of exquisite services that are customised towards the pet’s and the owner’s needs.

With our aim to see more fit and conditioned dogs, we are soon launching the first dog-gym in India.

We also provide boarding for our clients with amenities comparable to a resort for human beings.

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