At K9 School, we strive to deliver our goals of helping dogs learn the right behaviours by exploring as many available ways to work with the pet and owner together.

Join us in improving the standards of canine conditioning concepts for pet parents as well as dog training enthusiasts.

Feel free to browse through our extensive and ever expanding list of services available to you and your furry family member.


Behaviour Consult Session

Facility-based 90 minute long session in Delhi-NCR. Designed to cover all the queries you have regarding your pet and advise various management and training strategies along with demonstrating basic commands

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Group Classes – Socialisation & Obedience

For young dogs and pups Delhi-NCR . Conducted by Adnan Khan, these group classes focus on increasing the confidence of both the dog and owner in external and around new stimuli.

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Boarding services

Following the introduction of our state of the art dog training facility, we are extending our luxurious canine residences to the pet parents with exquisite services and utmost care towards each pet.


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Obedience Trainer

We are offering aggregation services for certain pet parents who find it difficult or inconvenient to train their own dog and would require a generic trainer service where an obedience trainer works with the dog at home on a regular basis on monthly programs.

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Our Training Philosophy

Spearheaded by internationally trained and certified behaviour expert and working dog trainer Adnan Khan, K9 School follows a balanced approach towards training and behaviour modification. Keeping in mind all quadrants of conditioning and counterconditioning as well as all degrees of desensitisation; we are not hesitant to observe and assess any kind of dog and train them along with their owners.

What to expect

  • Clear assessment of the pet and owner’s behaviour
  • In depth analysis towards the dog’s behaviour as well as environment
  • Detailed report and management strategy to work on the dog’s behaviour and training issues
  • Achieving outstanding results with the dog, provided the involvement of the owner is consistent
  • Highly trained and courteous management and maintenance staff along with reliable dog training and handling personnel

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