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K9 Healers
K9 Healers
K9 Healers
K9 Healers
K9 Healers

K9 Healers

A non-profit initiative by K9 School to provide therapy dogs to children with physical, emotional, economic, or developmental disabilities.

Who are we?

K9 Healers is Adnaan’s brainchild which one can say is in fact older than K9 School as a concept or project. 

We are a voluntary organization with a not-for-profit operation model primarily focusing on two things. 

We are one of the pioneers of Therapy Dogs in India, introducing this concept to North India and revolutionizing the Animal Assisted Therapy space. 

Adnaan is also renowned in the animal rescue and welfare space, having been into rescue work with his family since the age of 10. 

 What we do?

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Rescue and Rehabilitation

Adnaan was born into a home of animal lovers and rescuers. His earliest memory of childhood is rescuing birds and kittens with his mother and aunt in Munirka. As early as age 10, Adnaan was seen running around with dogs on the street, helping them, understanding them and trying to communicate with them. 

By the time he turned 13, Adnaan was an active rescuer of injured stray dogs amongst other animals. He would be constantly spending his time taking an auto-rickshaw with severely injured dogs in his arms, going to his nearest and favourite shelter, Friendicoes. 

Fast forward to today, Adnaan is Global Head of Dog Training and Behaviour with Friendicoes SECA and has helped transform hundreds of dogs with their shelter, giving them hope for another chance of getting adopted. 

Our training centre also regularly takes in homeless and abandoned dogs and trains them into good canine citizens, with some hope of finding a home for them. Many of those dogs never find a home and end up staying in our care and upkeep.  A lot of our revenue proceeds from K9 School goes into maintaining the dogs that end up abandoned at our centre. 

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Therapy Dogs

We have been taking our specialized trained Therapy dogs to various institutions across NCR which greatly benefit from our canines at work. We focus on taking the misunderstood dog breeds, the ones that are usually considered dangerous or aggressive and we train them into compassionate and confident therapy dogs. We then take them to visit centers such as special schools, old age homes, juvenile centers, and many such institutions catering to marginalized sectors of human society. 


The team is led by Stella (Rottweiler, 7 yrs) and Phulki (Indie, 6 yrs) who are still going strong with their visits and have worked with over 3000 patients between them. 


They have been instrumental in training various therapy dogs after them, who are slowly learning the ropes of compassionate sessions across India. 

Professional Certifications

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Some of Our Projects

Corporate visit with Lufthansa and EKCS

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