Aggressive or Triggered?: The Curious Case of Lucknow’s Pit Bull Attack

The Quint spoke to experts and veterinarians who emphasised on the owner's role in moulding a pit bull’s behaviour.

On 12 July, an 82-year-old woman in Lucknow was bit by her pet pit bull, a mid-sized female dog, named Brownie. Denied treatment at the first hospital that Sushila Tripathi was rushed to, she was "conscious" at the second hospital she was taken to, as per her son Amit.

A few hours later, however, Tripathi succumbed to her injuries. In a video that emerged two days later, Amit was seen carrying Brownie towards a van, which took the dog to an animal shelter. He told reporters that his decision to single-handedly carry his pet to the van was to show everyone that his pet "is not aggressive."

The incident reignited the debate on whether some dogs, especially pit bulls, are inherently too dangerous to be a pet.