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Crate Training - An Essential Guide for Pet Keeping

It is one of the most effective tools to get your dog's house broken. It simulates as a den for the dog, helps to lay a strong foundation of house rules, and sets up a healthy routine among other uses.

Bonus Tips:

  • Ideal Crate Size: An ideal crate size would be where the should be able to stand up without his or her head touching the top, and be able to turn around and stretch out fully.

  • Never use a crate to contain your dog simply because she’s a nuisance and requires attention.

  • A puppy or young dog can sometimes be annoying and exhausting, but it’s unfair and negligent to lock her up rather than provide the training she needs.

  • Never put your dog in her crate to punish her. If you do, she’ll probably come to dislike the crate. Your dog should have many more pleasant experiences with her

  • crate to counteract any possible unpleasant associations.

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