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K9 Stories - Meet Bobo and Simba

Meet Bobo (Labrador) and Simba (Husky) owned by Nayani Tandon. Bobo is a female Labrador Retriever who is extremely submissive with Adnan but hyperactive with her owners. It is disheartening to hear that she was beaten up by her previous trainers to such an extent that she would sometimes pee out of fear.

Took effort and patience, but we were able to make her accepting of Adnan enough to lick hir face endlessly. Simba the Husky is a new addition to the pack and is a bit of a naughty chap. But these high-energy breeds of dogs keep each other entertained but their family on their toes. Ample mental and physical exercise is the bearer of happiness of both the above breeds who were developed with tremendous stamina.

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