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K9 Stories - Meet Ghoton

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Meet Ghoton, an abandoned Labrador Retriever being sponsored and cared for by a wonderful team of rescuers from Kolkata. That's right... Ghoton has come all the way from Kolkata just like Somerset. His team of carers got their faith instilled in us from the wonderful and committed rescuers of Somerset who was also flown in from Kolkata and has been living with us for a long duration now.

According to the phenomenal team of rescuers in East India, there is a huge deficit of quality training institutes in Kolkata that can rehabilitate the dog as we do. Sending your dogs from Kolkata, Jammu, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and various parts of India is a wonderful validation towards our work and rehabilitation program.

Our perseverance towards helping dogs all over the country is truly taking its stride and we are very grateful to the faith everyone in the nation has in our work. His rescue team stated could not be handled, was touch reactive, quite worked up with stress and prior traumas. His abandonment was the final blow to his mental well-being.

He was boarded in a nice place in Kolkata, but his sponsors could not find a legitimate rehabilitation specialist there and decided to instantly transport him to us. When we started with him just over a week ago, we had no clue he would allow this much access and acceptance in a short span of time.

Here's to hoping Ghoton's journey writes a new book with a better ending after training with us. We want him to find the best possible home once he graduates, and have already started helping out his rescuers with shortlisting some options. Find out more about us on

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