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Phulki the Indie visits a special school: K9 Healers Program

"The day I got Homer, my only mission was to train him to be a therapy dog. And I worked day and night on his temperament and conditioning for such work. My training career and the dog school came as a byproduct of learning on a Bullmastiff." - Adnan Khan

This is a sign that if you work towards your dreams of creating dogs to assist humans as they used to all these years, they will someday or the other manifest with a lot of obstacles and rewards along the way.

Therapy dogs are the simplest first step for committed pet parents to give purpose to their dogs' life and not just waste their entire life on your sofa.

Phulki is one such example of determining pet ownership and ultimate respect to the dog's presence in the family. She was being fostered by a Dhaba owner on the street and got adopted by an extremely warm-hearted and compassionate family who have now devoted their entire life and time towards her well-being, especially psychologically.

Their hard work and perseverance have not only given Phulki this amazing medium of sharing her gift through Canine Assisted Therapy, but her mother Sumona has been a catalyst in taking our project to a higher level.

Here's today's visit to our new and extremely open-minded organization that is the biggest special school in NCR, being run as a charitable unit.

Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan:

With a total strength of 1000 kids of various ages and an even wider variety of intellectual, physical, developmental, and emotional disabilities amongst them. Such a smooth-running operation with the most sensitive humans in society is just highly inspiring.

We are honored to be now integrated into the therapy syllabus that ranges from OT, sensory development, etc and gradually other activities like Animal Assisted Activities (reading, puzzles, etc)

Special thanks to Pooja Pillai for making this happen.

And the biggest thanks to the Superstar of the day Phulki for lighting up hundreds of lives today with so much patience and compassion. She has been showered with a lavish day of massage, car rides, treats, and now a few days of rest with us after a remarkable job today.

Explore the full album here.

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