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PSA Trials December 2016 | Day 1

Better late than never!

The past few months saw various ups and downs in the K9 School family including the demise of our Top Boss, Homer who was the founder of this startup. Hence the extended delay in sharing one of the best projects of the previous year.

The PSA Trials organized by K9 School in December were hectic but turned out well in the end and gave the Indian dog trainers some much-needed international standing, especially the ones who competed this time and more so the ones who got titles.

A critical element of the protection dog training is the decoys and the first day had a trial camp for all the potential decoys from around the globe.

Here were the following teams that must be mentioned.

- Titanium k9s (Pune): Also the supporting team who must be credited for introducing the PSA sport to India and coordinating with the PSA admin staff from the USA. Anway Chavan was the first decoy to qualify the complete certification and become the first national PSA decoy of India.

- Progressive Kennel (Hyderabad): Chandra Shekar and Priyanka Nair attempted the decoy trial where Chandra qualified two out of three rounds, thereby attaining a partial certificate. His dog Czar cleared the first PDC round with amazing results.

- Wolfmaster K-9 (Delhi): Participants for the decoy camp were Raju Trainer and Bunty Trainer both of whom cleared the partial certifications.

Nikhil Kumar and Simba; Bunty Trainer with Drago and Spartan attempted the PDC round on the trial days for dogs. Drago and Spartan cleared the PDC certificate.

Spartan went on to be the only one to attempt the second round of PSA but just fell short a few points.

- Mumbai United Canine Club (Mumbai): Sandeep Lad competed in the decoy trial from the MUCC team. Max, owned by Mr. Chetan Chauhan cleared the PDC within his second attempt who was handled by Bunty.


Tarheel Canine: Girard Bradshaw & Stefanie Lynn who flew in all the way from North Carolina, USA to judge and mediate the event as well as to conduct a seminar on Canine Drives. Their trust in our nation definitely boosted the morale of upcoming trainers who wanted to prove their mettle for years.

Aliana Myburgh flew in from South Africa, who cleared the decoy trial and also acted as the testing decoy along with Anway during the trial for the dogs.

K9 School Team: The interim organizing committee included Adnan Khan, Sanya Bhutani, Chetna Malik, Indrajit Dutta, Sahil Verma, and additional volunteers as well support staff.

Many thanks to Abhinav Sahai for availing his property as an extension to our facility for the smooth event proceedings.

Explore the full album here.

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