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Stella & Thor - Foster Pups of K9 School

On Monday 12th Jan, two 30-day old Rottweiler puppies came into our company from a mass rescue operation. They were quite unwell in the beginning, with gastric and other immunity problems. More than a month from that day, here we are with two fuzzy monsters who respond to the names Thor and Stella.

For those who fear this breed from being brainwashed by social misconceptions, I urge them to come to visit us and see how fast these pups have been learning.

Currently, crate trained and newspaper trained, they are working well with basic commands like 'come', 'sit', 'down' and responding to their name.

Follow this album for timely updates as well their rehoming stories. Contact us for related queries.

PS: Special thanks to the mother of K9 School, Mahjabeen Khan for nurturing them better than her own and bringing them to a much healthier state than we found them.

See the full album here.

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