Meet Adnaan Khan

Founder, Dog Behaviorist

Founder and Owner of K9 School, India's pioneering dog training school. Trained over 100 students under him to become certified dog trainers and handlers. 

Asia's youngest handler to get a PSA-1 title with his dog Zion.

Served as Chief Dog Training Consultant for Parliament of India, Lok Sabha.  Assigned as Head of Training and Behaviour for Friendicoes SECA, globally.

 Worked with over 3000 dogs worldwide. Specialist in Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification as well as Security dog and Police Dog Training. 

Introduced Puppy Group Classes to North India. Launched the first therapy dog initiative in North India, K9 Healers.  Deployed security dogs in cricket stadiums and private homes of legendary cricketers. 

Featured in multiple news, magazine, TV, radio, and online publications for his expertise.