K9 School is a unique place for dogs, where we provide training (behaviour, obedience and socialisation classes) and boarding services for dogs.
Unlike generic trainers in India, we focus on training the dog owner on how to understand their dog’s behaviour and train their pet themselves. This helps in achieving a lasting bond between the canine and its loving family.

Boarding services

Service includes 24×7 supervision and physical presence of trained staff at all times. State of the art kennels to provide luxury, comfort and space …

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Group Classes – Socialisation & Obedience

For puppies and young dogs in Delhi-NCR, Conducted by Adnan Khan, these group classes focus on increasing the confidence of both the dog and owner in …

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Behaviour Consult Session

Facility-based 2 hour long session in Delhi-NCR. Designed to cover all the queries you have regarding your pet and advise various management and train…

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Presenting K9 School Graduates

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