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About - K9 School

K9 School is the fastest-growing dog training startup in the Indian pet industry. With very humble beginnings under globally renowned and nationally acclaimed dog trainer and behavior specialist Adnaan Khan, K9 School has achieved the stature of arguably the best and the most promising dog training school in the country. We have been specialists in introducing various advanced dog training concepts and systems over the past few years with constantly evolving standards and capabilities of our canines at an international level.

We primarily operate out of our school in New Delhi, which is the first of its kind, state-of-the-art dog boarding and training facility in India; following which many new inspired institutions have tried to imitate us and establish themselves but have not been able to match our standards in training quality or efficiency of service.

K9 School also offers various dog care services in Delhi such as dog boarding, swimming pool, grooming, dog gym, and various in-house services at our center. We follow a strict international standard protocol for the construction and operation of the kennel as well as the facility.

Board of Directors

No company is complete without the support and motivation of family and friends like family who have diligently stood with us like pillars, breaking through all obstacles and resistance no matter
what situation we face.

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