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All dog owners at some point face the question of what to do with their pets when traveling, in illness, or when family emergencies disrupt normal care. K9 School understands that and is here to help you with your dog boarding needs. 

Owned and run by internationally certified dog behaviorist and trainer, Adnaan Khan. K9 School aims to provide the most secure, dependable, and safe pet care available. 

Our goal is to : 

1. To give your pet a happy and safe boarding experience.

2. To enable you to enjoy your time away from home content that your pet is receiving the best pet care at the most reliable kennel facility in Delhi. 

Our kennel boarding services include :

1. 24x7 supervision and physical presence of trained staff at all times. (pictures, videos of the pet can be sent on request)

2. State-of-the-art kennels to provide the luxury, comfort, and space that your dog deserves. 

3. Personal kennels for each dog. 

4. Personal walking and exercise sessions. 

5. Additional services: grooming, bathing, training, and socialization.

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