Board & Train

India's pioneering dog training academy has been formulating a training program for all dogs in order to get the best quality of life for both pet and parent. 

We are now slowly expanding our horizon to other countries in Asia with our popular and highly exciting training system. 

Our Board and Train is specially designed and curated to teach the best behaviors in a positive way and achieve premium results in high distraction environments. 

Types of programs 

6-week program 
(INR 75,000/-) 

- For young dogs under 8 mths of age 

- Basic Obedience

- Basic Leash manners (like pulling) 

- Socialising and Confidence building by Ignis Grande

- Learning to ignore the triggers 

8- week program 
(INR 95,000/-) 

- For dogs older than 8 months

- Working on problem behaviors like resource guarding, aggression of all kinds, reactivity

- Advanced Leash manners ( aggression, reactivity) 

- Intensivised Counter Conditioning program by Adnaan. 

What to expect: 

- A team of specialists including up to 6 trainers and 4 junior handlers

- 24/7 monitoring and attendance by in-house kennel management

- State-of-the-art pet hotel and care center 

- Positive and reward-based training methods

- Special Counter Conditioning Program by Adnaan Khan called "CRP"

- Training program for each dog was designed by Adnaan himself. 

- Swim and groom

- Handover lessons by our expert trainers

- Membership access and benefits 

Terms and Conditions

- Please bear with us as we usually have advance booking of at least 2-4 weeks for admission

- We try our best to get the fastest response to each pet parent, but our high demand and dedication towards handling dogs sometimes compromise our promptness. 

- Adnaan has designed the entire syllabus and program of the dog but he is amongst up to 8 trainers working with the dog, he will not be the primary handler. 

- Each dog will be assigned 2 primary and 2 secondary handlers who will develop a loving bond with the pet. 

- The senior trainers are responsible for handover lessons, check-in, and check-out formalities

- Our senior faculty is very talented and trained to work with the dog and handler towards a successful rehabilitation of your dog's behavior issues

- We are not liable for health sensitivity while working in a tropical country and urge the owners to take accountability for the same.