Board & Train

If a busy schedule is keeping you from teaching the right manners to your dog, Board & Train is perfect for you. 

We take care of every little aspect that you’re trying to improve in your dog, be it impulse control, potty manners, greeting manners, or even aggression. We will set the right foundation. We have had dogs shipped for training from all over India now. 

Board and Train is custom-made for you and your dog’s needs. 

● Training Director: Adnaan Khan 

Board and Train - Puppies for a headstart in learning (Less than 6 months old) Good habits die hard if they are imprinted as a puppy. Our goal is to make the puppies confident in every possible real-life situation. Give them the best foundation of learning, maintain a consistent daily schedule with lots of walking, playtime, and socialization with other dogs. 

Minimum - 6 weeks program 

Here’s what we aim to teach in our 

1. Name recognition 

2. Consistent structure of the day 

3. Basic Sit & Down 

4. Stay 

5. Crate manners 

6. Leash Manners 

Board and Train - Young Adults (6 months old - 1 year) 

Here we focus on practical everyday obedience. Initially, we start with a zero to no distraction environment and then slowly start working in high distraction environments to prove the learning. Here’s what we aim to teach:

1. Sit Stay (Sit until released) 

2. Down Stay (Down until released) 

3. Crate Manner 

4. No! Yes! 

5. Recall 

6. Loose Leash Walking 

Board and Train - Behaviour Issues/Rehabilitation (Of all ages) 

We offer a 6-week behavior rehabilitation program for dogs with people aggression, dog aggression, fear issues, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, and more. We start with foundation training to build your dog’s skill set and confidence then we slowly and systematically address the dog’s presenting behavior symptoms working towards a behavior rehabilitation solution. 

We aim at eliminating the problem behavior and teaching basic obedience By the end of the program, you will be able to effectively manage your dog without having any problematic incidents. 


1. Weekly training updates to help you replicate the training at home. 

2. We do the training, you will have to just maintain the same structure at home.