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Simpler Minds. Purer Times. Early Growth and Struggle Days!

April 2015

Simpler minds. Purer times. Early growth and struggle days.

The concept of puppy group classes was non-existent in India, especially in North India when I started training pets professionally around 2014.

This is the second-ever batch of Puppy Group Classes @k9schoolindia but one of the most meaningful ones.

We were the first in North India to conceptualize weekend puppy group classes back in 2014-15 when pet owners only knew one kind of old school training model where the professional would come and take over the dog's learning process without involving the human family in any way.

The first batch was a milestone in itself, but the second one was a special invite from the American Embassy School Teachers and was a great boost to my morale that my work was being recognized and noticed.

The first time I got an email from a group of expats who wanted only me to guide them on how to raise their dogs better. This was the first time my group class batch was curated by the group and not by me.

There was just one problem back then. I had no park, no facility, and no commute.

Innovation always excels under struggle.

We took a public park and converted it into a weekend dog training school and I just took an auto-rickshaw with treats, dog bowls, and other equipment and walked right in without hesitation of the situations at hand.

We always remember the early life friends who were there to build and support us where no one else believed in us.

These beautiful photos were taken by @mrinalinisaha

And our Creative Director multiple companies, Karan was there to volunteer and support as always.

I am really proud to see my group classes go from 'first of its kind in North India', into a very popular and sought-after model.

Hoping other trainers to pick these up.

I was keen to hand over the baton to newer trainers after running 14 batches myself, where we grew from a public park into our own facility. And a few of our senior trainers were leading and conducting the later groups.

Fast forward a few years, we were running parallel multiple batches in a month with more than 10 pups in each batch.

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